Monday, June 29, 2009

Kaitin's swimming!

Yesterday we spent about 2 hours at the pool, with this crazy hot weather it was so nice to cool off. One of the good things about living back here in this small townhouse is the pool. It's there whenever we want to use it. Let me tell you we do, were out there about everyday. The boys are just loving it and are becoming better swimmers everyday. Kaitin and Gavin both LOVE the water, Koen isn't to fond of it. He spends more time on the side of the pool relaxing in the shade. Which isn't a bad thing with his fair skin! But at the start of the summer I thought oh Kaitin will for sure be swimming by next summer. He is totally surprising me! Yesterday he just took off his floaties and jump right it in. He still scares me though so I stay close by. But my guess is I won't be able to get him to put them back on. I asked him today if he was going to wear them and he was like NO, and told me that he was going to swim in the deep end too. So now I have to keep a much closer eye on him but am so so so PROUD of him. Little Gavin loves the water too and is getting braver about swimming in the pool by himself with the arm floaties on. Hopefully by the end of the summer he'll be jumping and swimming all over (with the floaties of course) Kaitin informed me that I need to video him swimming with out his floaties so stay tuned for that. Here's my sweet boys!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moving Update!

We have been so BLESSED with everything that has gone into this relocating back to CO. I truly believe we are meant to move there and that it's God's plan for us. It's gone so easily and smoothly from everything with Grant getting the job to finding the ideal neighborhood and perfect house for our family. The moving date tentatively is the 25th with Grant starting his new job on Aug 1st. Right now it feels like the 25th is so far away cause we are all so very EXCITED! But I'm sure with everything from packing, to spending some time with the friends we've made out here, to driving back there. It will probably be a fast four weeks. I thought I was going to hate having to pack everything up again. Since it's only been 4 months since I've done it last. But I actually am ready to start packing now in hopes it will help the 4 weeks go by even faster. LOL! As you can tell I am very excited! Here's some pictures of our new house and what they call the grange. The boys are going to want to live at the grange all the time I'm sure.

You'll have to click on this link to see the pics of the house:
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PoolThe Grange Cultural Arts Center

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day to, My Husband who is a AMAZING father to my boys. I couldn't have picked a better daddy for them. To my Dad for always being a GREAT Dad to me and to my Father-in-law who has been a GREAT father to my husband and who has showed him how to be a GREAT Dad. You all have been some amazing men and fathers in my life and to my family and I appreciate that! THANK YOU! Hope you all have a wonderful Father's Dad!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trip to Denver and the Children's Museum!

This last weekend we went to Denver Co. Grant had a interview for a job there, which we were pretty sure everything would go GREAT and he would for sure get a job offer. Which it did! Everything went GREAT and he'll be getting a offer this week. So since we were pretty sure everything would go well we all went back in the hopes we would be able to figure out where we would want to live and a house. Which is so AMAZING! Cause I believe we have! We for sure know we want to live in the Castle Rock area. This GREAT neighborhood we found a house in is just so ideal for our family and future! I know we will LOVE living there. So as soon as we here back on Grant's job offer we'll be figuring out a date and then be on our way. Were all really EXCITED! The only way we could get Kaitin to want to come home with us was to tell him that we had to come home and pack our stuff and then we would be moving there as soon as possible.

My parents were able to meet us there to visit for a couple days! It was so GREAT to see them! The boys just LOVE their Nana, Papa, Aunties and Uncles! Since we were so Blessed to be able to figure out so quick where we wanted to live and possibly the house we want. We had Sunday free, so we went to the Children's Museum. All the kids LOVED it and could have spent many more hours there. Here's some pictures! I have alot more Facebook so check them out!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Water Slide Videos!

Water Park!

On Sunday we took advantage of the GREAT sun! We went to a watepark in Fresno. We met up with my friend Crystal and had a BLAST! We made it the whole day from 11-7, I wasn't sure if the boys would be able to make it. But they all did GREAT and had a BLAST! Koen and Gavin weren't all that crazy about the slides but they LOVE the kids pool area. Kaitin LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the slides. He couldn't get enough of them! It's so GREAT to able to do these kind of things with the boys now that their older. Here's some GREAT pictures and videos for you all to enjoy!

The movie UP!

On Saturday we set out to see the movie UP in 3D. Which me and Grant were pretty excited about cause it was the first 3D movie we've been too since we were kids. So we were excited to see how much it's improved since. So we got to the movie got all settled in and they started the movie and it was awful. We were going if this is 3D it's bad! But in about 5 mins of saying that a worker came in and said it wasn't work right. So they offered to refund our money back and then give us free tickets for a later showing. So we got to go the movies this weekend for FREE! My boys were not to happy about having to leave and come back. They were pretty sure it wouldn't get fixed and they wouldn't get to see it again. They were crying as we left, we had to go to Target and get a new Lightening McQueen car to cheer them up. So when we went back later to watch the movie it was really good, the 3D was AWESOME! There was apart in there where the house gets caught in a thunder storm and the house is spinning like crazy. It was to cute, Kaitin took his glasses off and was man that made me dizzy. LOL! The only disappointment would be the glassed they are huge even for adults, they need to make some for kids and improve the one for the adults even. But otherwise it was a GREAT Saturday!