Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Boy

I can't believe my Baby is 3 years old today! He's grown up so fast and actually even seems older than 3 most of the time. That is before he decides to throw his 2 year old fits. Hahahaha But man do I LOVE this kid! Here's just a couple pictures of him as I'm too busy celebrating with him to take to much time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Final Game

Kaitin had his last T-Ball game lastnight, he was pretty bummed that it was his last. But loves all his new friends he made and can't wait for Soccer now.

Always talking on the side lines!

So Proud!

Denver Zoo

Yesterday, we meet up with Aunt Sara and headed to the zoo. After being there for half an hour we had wished we choose the water park over the zoo. But the kids didn't mind it and always LOVE getting to see all the animals, ride the carousel, the train, and feed certain things. This was my boys first time to visit the Denver Zoo, they enjoyed it and at the end just kept telling me how much they like that zoo. It was one busy day for us as we went to the zoo and then Koen had a hearing appointment to get his very own hearing aids. Then we also had Kaitin's last baseball game. We were all beat by the end of the day!

They got to see baby peacocks! I was surprised this mama didn't take their hands off because they were so close at times they could reach down and touch the babies!

They all squeezed into one wagon, by choice!

Gavin had alittle bit of a melt down so Kaitin and Ellie help him get over it!

Kaitin & Ellie decided to find a tree to climb and made it clear to the top!

Monday, July 26, 2010

ATV riding and Camping!

This picture is hilarious, their bumping their fist with thumbs up and saying lets ride!

Isn't she pretty!


In this picture Kaitin told me, lets ride like the wind baby!

They enjoyed some games of horse shoes too!

The boys demanded a hole, so their Uncle Lucius dug as deep as hole as he could before he hit rock.

The boys LOVE finding the wood to build the fires!

Off to find more wood!

One of the BEST parts of camping is our cooking, this night we had Barbecue ribs, is sliced potatoes fried in bacon grease.

Yum, Yum Barbecue ribs!

This all started with the boys "men" wanting to make a bigger fire than the people across the way. So they went to find fire wood and came back with this. LOL

This weekend we went camping and ATV riding in the mountains, which when I say that I mean only 30 mins from our house. It was so much fun! Now I want to get some ATV's of our own to be able to do this whenever we want. The boys LOVED it, and cried the whole 30 min ride home. We went with my sister Karlissa and future husband Lucius, My brother Quinton and friends Amy & Terry. It was nice to be able to get away and kinda get our minds off everything that could lie ahead for Koen.