Thursday, April 30, 2009

Half Moon Bay

Sunday of our weekend vacation we went to Half Moon Bay. There's some AMAZING Beaches there! It was a good day, alittle cold But still FUN! Koen and Gavin took naps on the beach while Kaitin and Daddy played in the sand. They also flew a kite cause it was pretty windy as you can hear in the video. Way to cold for getting in the WATER but Kaitin still would have if we would have let him. He just LOVES the beach, What's doesn't he do like his Daddy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day in the Big City!

On Saturday we spent the day in San Francisco. First we did some shopping at the 6 story mall, mama was in Heaven. I could have spent the whole day there and then some. LOL! Then we went on a Boat ride, that took us under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. The boys LOVED it!

Very Cherry!

Last weekend we had a little weekend vacation. Grant had to go to Fairfield for a job interview so we thought we would take advantage of him already being there and the three day weekend. We met with him on Friday afternoon and went to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA. It could be where we are moving so it was nice to see the town. It's very nice, Lost of hills and lots of stuff to do there like tons of outlets. TOTALLY AWESOME, LOL! But it's also not to far away from the BIG city San Francisco, Ca which means it's not far from the beach. I really think we would like living there. It's not so Blah like good ole Modesto. The only bad thing is it's not anywhere close to my family. I keep praying something will come up in Colorado, so we can be closer to them. It's no FUN living so far away from family. With my three boys it would be nice to live close to family for the help and just for the JOY of them knowing their nana and papa. Which we've all ready lived so far away for so long that we would be fine, it would just be really really nice. There's nothing like having family close to see and spend all those special Holidays with. I'm still HOPING and PRAYING! So the boys really LOVED the Jelly Belly Factory cause they give free samples pretty much as many as you want. The little tour was like 30mins long and the boys were so good, very much into watching all the workers making those yummy Jelly Belly's. Here's a few pictures! Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend! It's to many pictures for one post.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walk to the Park!

We took a another one of our 3 mile walks today. The boys LOVE it! And the Bob stroller makes it so darn easy. If your looking to buy a stroller and willing to spend a "LITTLE" bit of money on one, TOTALLY go for the bob stroller. Very easy to push even with three kids piled on. It's meant for two but I have three and there's a GREAT foot rest that works GREAT for Kaitin to sit on. Three miles is just to far for him to ride he's bike. But I am waiting for that day to come.


So we finally got all the Easter Activity's taken care of. With Grant and all three of the boys being sick over Easter weekend. We weren't able to celebrate on Easter. But I still wanted to do all the fun things with the boys, coloring Easter eggs, finding Easter eggs, eating Easter dinner. Just to see their little faces while doing it all. They LOVED it all even though it wasn't done on Easter!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost 100% again!

We are finally almost back to feeling well again! This sickness was a MONSTER! It came with everything, very high fever, headache, ear pain, sore throat, body pain, pink eye, throwing up, stuffing runny nose, bad cough. Anything and everything you can think of. I personally never got it, PRAISE GOD. Cause I don't have anybody to take care of me. But Grant and the boys had it, I'm surprised they survived! We're all feeling pretty well! I'm just still keeping my fingers crossed I don't get it so we can go to SF this weekend and have break from Modesto! :P Here's a few pictures of my happy boys. And a video of Kaitin and Koen trying Cough Drops!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Weekend!

Isn't he the cutest thing ever!
Not sure if he really wants Breakfast!

Can you tell he was starting to not feel well!

Okay, so our Easter weekend didn't quite turn out as I wish it would have. You know how I was saying that Gavin was either teething or sick. Well he for sure was sick cause Kaitin and Koen both came down with it on Friday after their naps. So no egg hunting or church in their cute new shirts happened. They did wake up on Sunday morning with enough energy to find their Easter basket and see what was in it. Then they were back to the couch to sleep and watch toons. We did take a really nice 2 and half mile walk though. When I would ask the boys if there was something they need or wanted all they would say is they wanted to go Bye Bye. Well with them running a really high fever and feeling the way they were that wasn't going to happen. So we took a nice walk since the weather was so GREAT. And since my WONDERFUL friend Sara let me barrow her AWESOME Bob stroller (which I might never return, LOL Just Kidding!) I was totally upto a nice long walk. We did make it to a baseball game on Friday which turned out kinda fun, it was a little chilly for the boys so they were alittle fussy and like I said starting to get sick. Hope you all had a Wonderful and Blessed Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009


He was scared his brother was going to run into with his bike if he stop for a picture!
Gavin need his own trike now, him and Koen fight over this one!

Grant wonders why when walking in the parking lots the boys LOVE to jump in the puddles which in turn gets water all over he's flip flops and doesn't make him to happy. So I understand his frustration. But what 4, 3 and 1 year old wouldn't want to play in the water puddles? They had a blast this morning riding and jumping in all the puddles the rain left lastnight. Hopefully NO more rain so we can have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

He's getting so BIG!

He wanted to take a picture of his speed racer car!

So I should be cleaning right now! But first I wanted to Blog about my Big Boy, Kaitin. He is getting so big. It seem like just yesterday he was my only baby and now I have three little/big boys! I would post what he did the other day, but someday when he's old enough he would probably kill me if there was evidence about it. So if you want to know just call me! LOL! It's pretty funny!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A GREAT day at the park!

Sunday was an AMAZING day for the park and everyone knew it. It was so BUSY! But it was still a fun time and a GREAT way to burn my boys energy! Last time we were at this park Kaitin and Koen could barely play on the big kids one with out Daddy or I right there. That's not the case anymore. Their so fast at it I could barely get any to no pictures of them.

Update on Potty Training

Sorry I'm just now updating you all! Gavin has been well I'm not sure, I'm not sure if he's teething or if he's really sick. It's been many of sleepless nights. Please pray he'll be feeling well soon! So about potty training. I have stopped at this point! I'm pretty sure he just wasn't ready. Well I think he was ready his body just wasn't ready. We probably could have done it but it would have been just mommy being potty trained. If you read the potty training 123 book it explains how their little bodies work and when potty training will work. So if I would have stayed with it, it would have been many months of accidents and lots of frustration. I'd rather wait till he's completely ready and make it a Easy 123 process. I'd rather have 4 days to a week then many months of accidents, wouldn't you? Cause really if their still having messes and it's just mommy that's trained can you really say "their" potty trained. NOPE NOT AT ALL! I was little disappointed! But in the long run I'm okay with it. I mean he really is just 20months old it's not like he's 3. LOL! More then anything I was upset I put so much energy into it and put my bum though it and then had to stop. :) It will all be okay hopefully I hope I just have to buy one more box of diapers and he'll be ready. Now that he's teething/sick I'm glad that I did stop! he has drank so much water and gatorade that I've had to change him every 30mins so if he was in the middle of potty trained we would have been set back anyways. Everything happens for a reason right! :) Here's the cutest little video of HIM sitting on the potty though. Listen for the words out, cheese, Elmo, Yum Yum and snack! Isn't he ADORABLE!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Rough Day!

Were kinda having a rough day today. (Gavin and I) LOL! Were on day three of potty training and mommy's bum is getting sore and tired of sitting in the bathroom. I also didn't get but maybe four hours of sleep lastnight. But I was just really questioning myself if he's really ready. Today he hasn't really had any interest in sitting on the potty. He still LOVES the treats though, of course! So after he wet and pooped in his pants I broke down and was like okay give me a diaper. So i put it on him and within 15 mins I was taking it off, telling myself what am I thinking we can do this. So just when I think he doesn't know what he's doing. I was cleaning the bathroom and he comes in and stands beside me and wets himself. So I'm thinking he really does know where and what! So I got him lunch and then put him down for his nap. I'm praying I'll will have the energy and will to really step back up to the plate by the time his up from his nap. I know I just need to stay strong! WE CAN DO THIS! Pic: Gavin eating his chocolate treat for staying dry threw his nap then going pee pee in the potty!