Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A sigh of relief!

So I BELIEVE Koen is finally on the road to recovery! We finally figured out what it was Thankfully we had already start antibiotics before we did figure out what has caused all his sickness so he started getting better sooner. He has been sick now since May 25th. It was a really odd sickness for us. It first start on the 25th with not only him but Kaitin and Gavin also all having diarrhea, throwing up, fever and just down right sick for five days. Then Kaitin and Gavin got better and it had seemed Koen had gotten alittle better also the diarrhea and throwing up had stop. But he would go a couple days and then get a fever have no appetite and throw up sometimes. This went on for weeks! Then as time had went on it just seemed to get worse and worse and we could tell he was losing weight, so I was like we have to do something. So we consulted with Grant's dad (who is a doctor) cause we didn't have insurance with grant switching jobs right now. Since we're not a fan of antibiotics and didn't even really know what he had. We did awhole lot of reading and trying to match his symptoms with something, we also did some allergy testing (cause we could tell when he drank milk it would get alot worse) and he was allergic to milk so we took him off that. So Grant's dad told us to give him pepto for a week along with colloidal silver and see if that worked, thinking that maybe because he's allergic to milk and had alot of it that it could be causing bacteria to grow in his stomach. (Milk was the only thing we could get him to eat). So we gave that to him and he seemed alot better but with in three days he was sick again. He woke up in the morning just screaming and holding his tummy, and it was hard as a rock. Scared the crap out of me! His sickness was obviously not only back but back like a raging monster in side him. So Grant's dad got him on a antibiotic. Then three days after him being on the antibiotic I was talking to my friend Sarah and she asked me if what Koen has could be campylobacter. I was like I don't know, why?!?! She told that our friend Dena and her family had all came down with it and that it was from them drinking colostrum. Which I had bought colostrum back on May 19th for the boys to drink (thinking it would help their immune system not make them sick). So I started thinking and I realize that Koen had been sick since then! Now there was no doubt in my mind that's not only what Koen had but also what all three of them had. Most of the time it takes antibiotic to take care of the camplyobacter, some how Kaitin and Gavin's bodies fought it off just not poor Koen. So now I feel like a horrible mother for letting my poor baby be sick for so long and having to go threw so much. But I do feel very relieved to know what caused this and that there's nothing very serious wrong with him. SO FYI don't give kids raw colostrum unless you know for sure where it's coming from and how and who it's handled by.

This is Koen on the Forth of July, see how skinny he has gotten. He didn't not feel well this weekend. This was when we started the pepto and colloidal silver!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I have to post about this just so I can remember it... The boys LOVE helping me with laundry so when I was doing it the other day Gavin was helping me. I was letting him hand me the stuff out of the basket to put into the washer. He was taking every piece out one at a time, so he grab something of grant's and said daddy's, then something of mine and said mommy's, same with the boys he told me who the pieces belong too... I was shocked he new every single thing and if it was something he didn't know, like he grab a gray t-shirt that was inside out, so he goes t-shirt... It was so darn cute! Another thing he's gotten really good about is everytime he asks for something or you give him something he says THANK you! He's getting so BIG!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekends just fly by!

Don't your weekends just seem to fly by?!?!?! Ours do, I guess were just having so much FUN most weekends they just seem to fly right by us and we find it to be Monday again... Which I've gotten to where I kinda look forward to Monday to get back into the swing of things.. Me and the boys are really just loving our routine of school, activities and swimming... A few things I don't like about Monday's... I don't like that my house is a wreck and it seems like it's going to take me all week to get it back in order again... I don't like that Grant has to leave us go back to work, all five of us just have so much FUN together and I don't like that Monday means 5 more day until our next weekend... But were learning to like them! This weekend we had a Birthday Party for our little friend Harper. Here's a few pictures!

He was not to sure about the Carousel, not a fan of going in circles!

Nor was Koen sure about the Carousel!

Gavin getting a ride with the Birthday Boy!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gavin's Big Boy Bed!

Gavin's in a BIG boy bed now... He's done so well! He hasn't got up once! He for sure thinks he's as BIG as his brothers and should be able to do anything they do. The five nights before I changed his bed, when we would put him in bed he would just scream and not go to sleep forever. I think he was protesting that he did not belong in a baby bed anymore. Can't believe how fast 2years have gone. He'll be 2 on the 31st! I no longer have a baby anymore... He's such a happy fun little boy and bring so much JOY to our lives!


The boys just LOVE to do school. We try to do it everyday, but sometime miss a day here and there. Like yesterday we didn't get as much school done as I would have liked cause I was converting Gavin's crib into a toddler bed. Which I still need to blog about, LOL! But it's AMAZING how fast they catch onto things. They both recognize all their letters and know the sounds of the letters. Their numbers from 1-20, my phone number and kinda Grant's phone number. They know how to write each number from 1-10, and how to write their names. The work books we use are Kumon workbooks. As soon as we get moved I'm hoping to order Sing, spell, read and write and get them reading. I'm still trying to figure out what our plan is going to be for the boys for school. We're pretty sure we'll put Kaitin in preschool 2-3 days a week. Mostly for the social part of it! But I'm not sure if I'm ready for Koen to go and I think I could probably teach him awhole lot more one on one with me. Also it would help Gavin to learn everything easier too. Things are more fun when there's two, I think Gavin would probably get pretty lonely. I know with Koen, he's learned everything at the same speed as Kaitin with them only 13months apart I might as well expect the same out of Koen as I do Kaitin. Which Koen has had no problem doing. Just like Gavin knows how to count to 10 already and almost recognizes the numbers too, cause he does flash cards with Kaitin and Koen. For those of you that I know will probably ask what our routine is, here's the low down.

* Flash cards- either numbers or letters
*Counting or singing the ABC's (Kaitin & Koen are both GREAT at both of these, we do it more for Gavin's benefit)
*Singing songs
"Numbers or Letters" (I trade off days on these)
*Cutting Workbook and then pasting
*Tracing workbook
*15mins of reading
This all takes about an hour and half or so depending on how many songs they want to sing that day. LOL!

Kaitin working on his numbers

Finished Product!
Hard at work, I LOVE his faces!

Finish Product! Check out his name he wrote...
Gavin has quite reading time of his
own when the boys do their workbooks
Or Paints mommy a pretty picture!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gavin's faces!

I had to do a post for just Gavin cause this was really his first 4th of July that he has cared about. Considering he was only 11 months old last year he didn't really care to much about it then. This year though he LOVED it. Grant and I just LOVED seeing his faces and hearing what he had to say about it. You all missed out! It was priceless! The joys of being parents is so GREAT! Couldn't ask for anything better! Here's my ADORABLE BABY BOY!

Waiting on the Fireworks!

He was running in circles around us
when the firework started!

"Shocked look when the first
one went off! Hilarious"

He just keep saying WOW, OH, Pretty!

Independence Day!

The 4th of July! We feel Very Blessed to live in a FREE country! We had a relaxing but FUN day! Koen wasn't feeling to well though, He's still been fighting this stomach problem so he was running a fever and not really upto playing much. So we just hung out at home ate BLT's and Corn. Then went to Turlock for a firework show at night. We weren't sure how good of one it was going to be considering the state is so broke. But it actually was really good! It lasted so long the boys were asking when it was going to end so we could leave. It was like 10:30 so two hours after their bedtime so they were tired. They also got to have fun in some bounce houses before hand. Then when we got home they found their second round of energy and wanted to light their own fireworks. They didn't get to bed till 12:30. But all in all we had a GREAT day! It was so fun for Grant and I to hear the boys laughter when the firework went off. Were looking forward to being able to spend 4th of July next year with my family so we actually can light off some cool fireworks. California doesn't let you light anything of your own that goes into the air. So LOTS of fountains! The boys thought they were cool though! LOL! Hope you all had a WONDERFUL, fun filled, blessed 4th of July!

Bounce house and Balloon popping Fun!

Kaitin "Wow it's so pretty" Awesome!

Koen "Wow, so Cool"

This was so CUTE they sure LOVE their Daddy!

Kaitin thought it was going
to catch his hand on fire!

Even though Koen wasn't feeling well he
he was still upto lighting fireworks!

Gavin was not scared of them at all

This is what happens when you put your fireworks in a trash can and forget to put water in it! Opps, My Bad! Thankfully our porch is all cement and didn't catch on fire and end up looking like the poor trash can... Lesson well learned!