Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This last week Grant and I got a week vacation to Boston through his work. Well he still had to work alittle bit but not a normal work week so we still got alot of time to do stuff and enjoy each other. It was a GREAT break from all the normal life of being a parent. But let me tell you I really was missing my boys and all that normal stuff by the 6th day. I was so happy when the day came to go home and just get those sweet kisses, hugs and smiles again. We did so much and have way to many pictures. But here's a few!

The first night there we caught a RedSox game!

Grabbing a drink before a Duck Tour we went on!

We went to see the Cheer Bar while there too. I was pretty excited about this as I grew up watching it!

The company Grant was training with took us out for dinner one night on top of the highest building in Boston. The whole meal without the tip it cost over $800. It sure was yummy and we got a GREAT view while we ate too!

A wicked boat ride we went on! Check Grant's hair in the above picture and then his hair after, Hilarious!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sun, Sun and More Sun

Cheeto Face & Pb&Honey face!

Our Buddy Jack-Jack!

My little swimmer, he learned how to swim breath stroke this last year "on his own". Just in the couple times we've been to the pool this year he has learned out to dive down and get something off the bottom of the pool and also swim doggy paddle "as he calls it" LOL!

My baby fix Cash, Such a GREAT baby! You'll rarely hear him cry!

Man are you we LOVIN our summer here! Mama, loves it cause it's means GREAT sun rays! Boys LOVE it because it means water, water and more water. Of course I Love the fact that I can go to the pool and sit pool side soak up the side and the boys just play and play and eat ton I should add. We went with our friends Sylvia, Jack Jack and Baba Cash. It was Blast! Back tomorrow in between the cleaning house, ha!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The last two night I haven't been able to sleep well at all. Last night I found myself checking my old blog post which in turn brought ALOT of tears along with it. I just can't believe how sick my Koen was for so long and how it took us forever to figure it out and just the whole journey. It something that I really wish didn't happen at all. Other times I know there was a point to it, not completely sure of all those reason yet. But one thing I do know is I try so hard to not take any minute with my boys for granted, though sometimes I do get caught up in the stress of raising three boys. I always find myself stopping and just remembering how BLESSED I am to even still have a three amazing little boys. One of the things I LOVE most is their little giggles of thrill, their smiles which are endless and I even love their naughtness I just wish at those times I didn't have to be the parent and correct them and could just be that person that could totally laugh at how hilarious their acting sometimes. All in all I LOVE my boys and can't get enough of them!

These pictures are of Koen from his last flashes of hope photo shoot back in Febuary! We took a whole lot more of me and the two boys in them but for some reason it took forever to get them and lost alot of the shots because some kind of problem.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Tee Ball Practice

Kaitin had his first Tee Ball practice last night. It was so ADORABLE! Unlike Soccer he really really enjoyed this and can't wait for the next practice. It was hilarious, Grant told me after "Man it's nice to see him enjoy that so much I was about to declare are kid a nerd" LOL! Kaitin did enjoy soccer to a point but you could tell he really would rather not have played. But it totally had to do due with the weather "I believe". When it's 30 degrees outside who's gunna wanna play anything. By his last game of soccer it was a nice 50 degree and he did GREAT! But it for sure makes us so happy to see how much he enjoyed tee ball!

Yep, That color is PINK! Real men wear pink, right???