Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skiing & Children's Museum

On saturday we met up with my bothers and dad and went skiing at Loveland! That day we had another thing to be very Thankful for! We were all going through the terrain park got to bottom and realized Grant still wasn't down. We waited on him for about 10 mins and then thought well he'll catch up or we'll find him somewhere on the way back down. Went back down and still nothing! So I start to try and call him didn't get a answer so then I really started getting worried. Finally after about the 10th time I called he picked up and let me know he was sitting in the medical ski office and getting checked out. So I guess he went off a rail and land on ice so his board caught wrong and took his feet out from under him and sent him flying. He was about 8ft in the air and came down smack on his back. So the ski patrol had to take him down on a medical sled and everything. Nothing was major major wrong other than he couldn't move all that well and was in major pain. He said it was quite a experience going through all that! I wish I would have had my camera to take pictures cause I'm sure it was pretty funny and since there wasn't anything major wrong we could have gotten some really good laughs out of them. But I'm so glad his is okay! The tough guy he is got back out and took a few more runs(once the pain meds kicked in). Hopefully his back will heal fast and he'll be ready to go skiing again here real soon.

I got tired waiting for them to get down the mountain!

Me and my Dad! He tried snowboarding this time and picked it up very well and fast! Good job DAD!

Riding the lifts!

The end of the day! Can you tell Grant isn't feeling all that GREAT!

Popping the Tylenol! I think he's feeling pretty old right now!

Nana took all the kids to the Children's museum!

I guess Koen was totally into the doctor area! His doggy had a tumor and he had to remove it!

Husker Football Game!

Grant and I got to go to our first Husker game together! We for see this becoming a Thanksgiving tradition, were going to try and take the three boys next year! Huskers won 28-20! We had a Blast hanging out together, cheering them on and rubbing the win in some CU fans faces! You couldn't beat the weather either! We were for sure we were going to be watching the game in snow but we got lucky and had a 62 degree weather day. We both wore shorts!

Nana watched the boys for the day while we went! They had a fun filled day themselves! She took them to Chucky Cheese!

So much to be Thankful for!

Grant's first Turkey! Best Turkey I've had so far, he brined it and cooked it different too YUM!

Opps, how did he get ahold of that? Just kidding yummy sparkling cider!

Josh enjoying some Turkey leg!

Our future brother in law, Lucius!

All the kids were playing so much there's not alot of still pictures of them but here are a few!

Jaden & Brycen

Koen had a little melt down!

Miss Ellie

I believe they were acting like Judah was hurt!

Adri getting some Love from Nana

This was their Airplane, they have such a imagination!

Karlissa and Grant got into a whip cream fight!

My mom wanted me to take their family picture for her christmas letter! I think it turned out pretty good!

Our family is all because of these two people my Dad and Mom! Thanks mom and dad for bringing us all into the world and for teaching us how to Love and to be Thankful for one another. We are all Thankful for you as our parents!

What a Thanksgiving we had this year! I have to say one of the best so far! We have so much to be Thankful for from each other, Koen's soon ending fight against cancer, Our family, where we live. So MUCH! We were so Thankful this year to be able Celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and man what a Blast it was! On Thanksgiving day all 24 of us had a an Amazing Turkey dinner, My family now says Thanksgiving is now at our house every year just for the food. Then on Thursday Grant and I got to go to our first college football game together. Then on Saturday got to go skiing with my dad and brothers. While our boys spent the two days with nana and all their uncles. We all had so much fun with everyone and everything we did and we couldn't be more Thankful to live where we live and be closer to family to spend it with. Love you all and look forward to next year! So since there's so many pictures I'm going to do it by each day! Hope you all had as good as Thanksgiving as we did!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Koen's round 5 of chemo!

Koen and I just got home from a three day hospital stay for the start of round 5 of chemo. So excited we are started and very near to the end of this. Here's some cute shots!

Daddy thinks it's pretty fun to play with the hospital beds!

Koen's picture taking skills!

Koen made a new friend this weekend, her name is Ainsley!

Koen always does a whole lot of sleeping over the three days!

Think he has enough puppies?

A couple of Koen's uncle came and visited him too!

Auntie Karlissa came and watched Kaitin and Gavin while we were at the hospital and since she like the BESTEST sister. She let Grant and I go out on a date. Thank you so much Karlissa for being not only a AWESOME sister but a GREAT Auntie. Kaitin, Koen and Gavin ADORE you! Love ya!