Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scary Skeletons

Three little scary skeletons!

Oh wait their sweet too!

Were all ready for Halloween here! Were all excited about it this year as last year we were in the hospital with Koen removing his tumor. Which means we didn't get to do any trick or treating.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Falling out of a airplane is AMAZING! It's a crazy feeling! Grant surprised me with going a week or so ago. It was pretty exciting that he change his mind and let me do it. In the past when we had talked about it he always said he probably wouldn't let me considering we have three boys. But he just decided one day it was time to surprise me with something fun and exciting so we went skydiving. Once I hit the ground I wanted to go right back up. Can't wait till next time, Grant and I are going to take the class to jump alone and not have to have someone on our back for the jump. Everyone should at least try it once in their life time. It's truly amazing! There's a moment in the sky when time literally feels like it stops and your just sitting in the sky. I also have a video but I have to figure out how to get on my computer before I can upload it anywhere, so I guess if you want to see it them you'll have to come see me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Field Trip

Yesterday I got the privilege of going on a field trip with Kaitin's class. It was his first field trip so he was very excited about it. I really LOVE being a stay at home mama. There's nothing much better than it! I also realize this as I was on this field trip. I could never be a teacher or a bus driver. For those that do that, God Bless you! Being a mama and so much easier!

We went to a outdoor museum of the past and present in Littleton, Co!

Tower of Terror

The boys LOVED this ride and were hilarious on it! So I had to do a post just for all the facial expressions I got of them!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Since we were able to stay the night in downtown denver. We thought we would take advantage of free pass to Elitches for the day. It was kinda rough day for me as I still wasn't feeling to well. But Kaitin was fine and the boys were thrilled to get to spend the day there. They didn't want to leave when mommy and daddy were ready too. Thank goodness we left when we did though as soon as we got home Grant came down with the sickness. Here's some cute pictures though of the boys completely enjoying themselves.

Kaitin was not happy about the rollercoaster! But we made him at least try it once, yes were those parents. The Bus ride before this we dragged him on it with him kicking and scream and he loved it within the first few seconds. So he's rule is he always has to at least try it. Hopefully he'll out grow this as his parents are huge theme park people.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miracle Party

Saturday was Koen's Miracle party. It's a party they throw every year for cancer patience. It was our first year since last year he was still going through chemo and wasn't up to that much partying. I was totally bummed though when about 3:00 that afternoon I started feeling sick but went ahead and got ready and thought oh I can do this. Well then with in the first hour of the party Kaitin started complaining that his head hurt. So Kaitin and I went ahead and went back to the hotel room and sleep. Grant and the boys had lots of fun though. From the bounce house, Limo rides, dancing, cookies and cupcakes. Hopefully next year we'll all make it trough the whole party. So this means once again I got very few pictures of my boys all dressed in their tux.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boys rooms

I finally got the boys room pretty much finished! There's still a few things I would like to do like put their names on their walls and some kind of car picture in K & G's room. But pretty much done otherwise! K & G's room is a vehicle room and Kaitin's room is a Airplane room! Their pretty happy with them I have to say.

Yes that's a airplane propeller in the corner!

Money saving tip: The curtains finals are from pottery barn. But I didn't pay the complete pottery barn price. You can just buy the finals and then they will fit just a target curtain rod. Other's wise it's like $75+ just for the those two things. So you get the pottery barn look for half the price. We were going to just put the airplane ones in Kaitin's room but K & G didn't think that's was to fair so they got truck ones.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hair cut & New Bike

Gavin, was in serious need of a hair cut. So the other night we buzzed him. He looks so different with it buzzed. He also upgraded from a trike to a bike. He's pretty happy with his new bike. Everyday since he wakes up puts his shoes on and heads out for a ride. Can't get enough of this kid, he melts my heart!

Daddy thought it would be funny to give him the business in the front party in the back look, also know as a mullet.