Friday, May 28, 2010

First Water Day

Man has it been hot well actually it's only been 90 degrees. But I feel like I'm dying I guess you get used to being cold in Colorado so even though it doesn't get all that hot here it still feels hot to us. The boys are loving it they finally got to use the sprinkler today. Were looking forward to our neighborhood pool opening tomorrow!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Game

Kaitin's last soccer game was on Sunday! I have to say he has really come a long way since the first game. He really got into this game. At one point he totally pushed a kid down. Which at the start of the season he was the kid getting pushed down then walking off cause he was sad that he got pushed down. Next year all three of the boys are going to play that should be a lot of fun.

I have to say Kaitin had the hottest coach!

Half time break and cooling off with a slurpee and enjoying some fruit!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Days

Since Spring days have finally arrived we decided to spend the afternoon at the zoo. Of course the boys had a blast as always. But they actually did very well and behaived well. Since Koen and Gavin normally take a 2 hour nap everyday I wasn't sure how it could turn out. But it was GREAT and felt so good to spend the day outside and wearing shorts. Lovin it!

Our new friends Blake and Dominika that actually live right in the house behind us but it's taken us 8 months to meet. Crazy!

Blake was trying to catch the fish!

Our weekend!

Kaitin became the ball!

Check out that form!

Our weekend was a good weekend! Nice and relaxing! We did yard work and had some dinners with some friends. Also lots of playing around in our house!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Love them!

Nap time, I love looking at my boys were their sleeping they look so sweet and like they could no wrong. HA!

Little Gavin has alittle bit of a cold so he's been sleeping with his mouth open.

This is what Kaitin does for a good portion of his quite time.

Beaten MailBox

Ok, seriously our life is never boring and there's always something going on in the Slovek home. Last night our mailbox mostly likely got beat with a bat. I heard a car noise, a bang noise and talking going on outside around 11:30 last night but I didn't jump out of bed soon enough to catch who or what happened. But this morning when I took my trash down to the road I noticed our mail box didn't look right at all. Not sure why we were targeted, hope it has nothing to do with Koen's news story the other day. But I really think it's just stupid kids being just that stupid. We didn't have any outside or inside lights on so this is why we probably were targeted. But man how unlucky are we. LOL!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Should we call him Lucky

Okay so should we call him lucky or a very accident prone child. Yesterday we were coming home from once again the Children's hospital from just getting Koen's second cast removed. He was so happy to have it off and to be able to walk around normally. He told daddy later that night "watch daddy I can run now". So normally I open the garage door while I'm pulling into the drive but today it skipped my mind so I got Koen and Kaitin out then pushed the garage door open so they could get their bikes out to play outside for a bit. Next thing I know I hear a bloody scream and turn around and Koen is hang from the garage door by his shirt and pulled all the way to the top. I hear his shirt rip as I'm running towards him. All I was thinking was here we go back to the hospital. Lucky I made it to him and then was able to lift him up high enough on my shoulders to help him get his shirt off and get down. My neighbor saw all this as she was walking her dog and came running too. He was actually one lucky little boy and finally caught a break. Because had he fallen to the cement under him he could have been very injured. To make a long story short my neighbor felt that the piece on the door is really truly pointless and a dangerous thing to even have on there so she gave the news stations a call and they came out and did a story on it. Which I was totally fine with cause really even though this mostly like hasn't happened before (as grant couldn't find anything when he googled it) but it could very easily happen again and somebody could not turn out so lucky to only walk away with a ripped shirt (which was one my faves by the way, lol)
So here is the link to the news story that was run last night!,0,7985022.story

One again breathing a sign of relief for my little man. What I can't figure out is why just Koen, I have two other boys too why not one of them for once. Or nothing for once, our lives are for sure not boring!

Mother's Day

Mama's Day was a good and relaxing day. It was a GREAT day to just enjoy my boys and eat yummy food. Grant made me barbecue pork ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad and yummy brownie Carmel desert. Yes I gain at least 5 pounds!

I didn't get any pictures cause I actually had a cold and didn't feel all to well! Here's a cute story though that I want to remember. Kaitin came running upstairs while I was getting ready for the day and was like Happy Mother's Day mama. He said want do you want me to buy you and I was like oh, he was like maybe a toy. I laughed and was like I bet you would like that huh, so he got this look that he was really trying to think of something and then he was like a purse you would really like a purse. Then on our way to have donuts for breakfast he was was telling Koen how daddy was going to take him to buy a purse for mommy and wanted to know what Koen wanted to get me. Koen was like I wanna buy her something pink. It was so cute! Then they all decided that Kaitin was going to buy me a purse, Koen a necklace and Gavin a ring.

I LOVE my boys so much and couldn't be more happy to call myself their mama. They truly are just so AMAZING and make me so proud everyday! Being a mama is one of the best and most rewarding job in the WORLD! I'm one LUCKY mama. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day and felt Blessed to call yourself a mama.

Grant also got my pictures hung up for me! My house is just about all put together and finished. Of course though this is me were talking about and if you ask Grant I'll always have something for him to hang. I guess I still have the office to do too.

Saturday Fun

On Saturday we went to Chuckie Cheese for Jackson Birthday party. My kids LOVE this place, they had a blast and ate too much cake.

This is our buddy Jack Jack!

He was just alittle scared!

In this picture Gavin was so thrilled that daddy picked him up a slingy dog at target when we stop for Jackson gift. My boys are VERY into Toy Story right now. They can't wait till the new ones comes out soon!