Monday, March 30, 2009

A Few Tips!

So I survived a morning of potty training. We had four misses and one poop in the toilet. Gavin totally has the pooping down, now it's just the pee pee. When he goes in his pants he just stops and looks at them like oh no what did I do. I just have to keep telling myself he knows not what he does. At least not yet! With the other two it was more the second day that they got the pee part. But neither had the pooping part down first. So he is a few steps ahead of his brothers and lets not forget a month younger then them. A few tips! Well for the most part I follow the Potty Training 123 book. But a few things I do different are, Once I decide I'm going to potty train I put them in underwear and that's that. No diapers or pull ups at nap or nights. I double up the underwear, then put plastic rubber pants and double the pajama pants at night. We have a few leaks sometimes, but it's no big deal strip the bed and put the kid in the tub. I also cut their liquid in take at night at around 6:30-7:00 ish. And I also wake them and take them potty right before I climb into bed. Other than that I follow the book for the most part. Stay tuned! :)

Getting Old!

My Flowers are from Kaitin and Koen
See what I mean by their faces!

Man am I really 24! I can't believe I'm 24 already, I remember bring 16 and wondering what it would be like to be 24. LOL! We finally celebrate my birthday on Saturday night even though my birthday was on the 19th. I guess that's what happens when you get old. LOL! But even still it was a good one! My hubby and boys for sure made it special for me. Grant is a AWESOME cook he made me an AMAZING meal and an AWESOME cheese cake. YUM! I think I probably gained 10 pounds in one meal. The cheese cake alone had 1500 calories in one slice. Kaitin is Koen just LOVE birthdays. So just spending it with them is amazing to see their little faces light up. Here's to get older!

Potty Training 123!

So Gavin official started potty training today. I'm hoping it truly is as easy as 123. Both Kaitin is Koen were both pretty much that way. Kaitin was 21months and morning and night trained in 4 days. Koen was 22months and day and night trained in a week. Once Kaitin was trained he never had a accident again, Koen did have a few poop accidents for a couple months but still was pretty darn easy. So poor Gavin has a lot to live up too. I think he's totally ready though! He'll be 20months tomorrow but is having all the signs of being ready. And he's so excited about it. I think he'll probably be more Kaitin. (my fingers are crossed!) LOL! The booked I live by is called Potty Training 123. By Gary and Marie Ezzo they are some GREAT authors! I've also gone off all their parenting books and had GREAT results! Here's a few pictures of my sweet LIL BOY!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kaitin's so FUNNY!

Lastnight we went to see Grant's grandma in the hospital. On our way we saw a police man so Grant was teasing Kaitin that he was coming to get him. It was pretty cute!

Grant: Kaitin the police man is after you
Kaitin: No he's not daddy cause I don't belong there
Grant: Laughing" Where do you belong then
Kaitin: With you Daddy

Our Favorite Auntie!

Auntie Karlissa got these wonderful Bathtub crayons for the boys. Sadly they don't last long! But the boys LOVED them! Your back on the Favorite Auntie list. LOL! I took a really cute video of them playing with them. But I wasn't careful enough and got some shots that I figured weren't fit to put on here. lol! So you'll just have to live with the few pictures I got. I'll try again next time, if there's more crayons. Not sure, cause the boys got in trouble yesterday and got sent to their room. Well, they got them out of the bathroom and colored all over their room. YES they can be naughty. HAHA! Lucky me it comes off easy cause they were made for the tub! Here's the pictures!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I finally decided today to try this out again! About 6 months ago I set my blog up but never did anything with it. So for all of you that I know will appreciate this, your welcome! LOL! Hope you all enjoy seeing my boys grow and learn! Kaitin is now 4 yrs, Koen is 3yrs and Little Gavin is 1 and a half. They are all growing and changing so much. I pretty much no longer have a baby. Even though Gavin is only 1 and a half he thinks he's as big as his brothers. He won't wear a bib, drink from a sippy cup, let me wash he's hand with a wash cloth and is about to be potty trained. WOW! :( Kaitin is learning his letters and numbers quite well! Not to long ago I lost Kaitin in Target (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!) so he now knows my phone number and is working on others. And lets not forget about Koen. He's finally decided that when I ask what a color is he will tell me the true color instead of getting me to tell him. At first even though I knew he knew his colors he would just totally tell me something different, not sure why but he was 2. Like I said they have grown and seem to know something new everyday. :) Here's some picture!