Thursday, May 28, 2009


Wow it's been awhile since I blogged last, Sorry! We haven't been upto all that much other than normal life stuff. We finally made it to church last Sunday. We haven't been for weeks cause of the boys being sick so much. So it was nice to finally make it, until.... Koen woke up sick on Monday morning with the squirts and had it until yesterday afternoon. Then Kaitin came down with a tummy ache throwing up last night and throwing up three times in the night. He didn't hit the bowl once, very frustrating for mommy. So I didn't get much sleep and then Gavin has puked twice today and complains about his tummy hurting. I don't know what is up with all this sickness... Please pray were all healed soon!

Update about moving! We are pretty sure we'll be moving to Denver, Co very soon. Were going back there on the 11th for Grant to meet face to face with the people and have an interview. We'll also be looking for houses while were back there. Were pretty sure he'll have the job no problem and we'll be moving as soon as 2 weeks after that. Could be alittle longer! But we'll know more after he meets with them on the 12th. Please keep him in your prayers! Were really praying hoping this job all works out. It would be so AWESOME to get moved back there.

Gavin is doing GREAT at potty training. I think I can pretty much say he's completely trained. He tells me when he needs to go now and staying dry for naps and night time, with out plastic pants. It will be two weeks tomorrow! It's so nice to know I won't have to do anymore diapers for awhile. He has really changed in the last month, with potty training and everything else. He talks so much now. I think potty training him really help with his speaking he realized that talking got done what he wanted done. Like one time he told me after I put him on the potty " Mommy, sit and read" with pointing to the stool. And he says "Me Big Boy" You can tell his pretty proud of himself too!

Kaitin and Koen are just the happiest little boys! They LOVE playing, swimming, riding their bikes you name it. And they really just LOVE their Mommy and Daddy, they tells us all the time how they like us and love us. It brings such joy to our hearts to hear them tell us stuff like that.

I hope your all doing GREAT! Blessings!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Potty Training!

Gavin is Potty Training again! He's 21 and a half months old. So right in between Kaitin and Koen. He kinda started on Thursday, he wanted to do poop in the toilet on Thursday morning so he did and I put underwear on him. But put a diaper on him later that day. Well then Friday he wanted to poop in the toilet again so he did and we put underwear on him again. Only this time I was like were going for it! Hasn't had a diaper on since! Only has had a couple accidents and just last night stayed dry and clean all night. I'm so so SO proud of him! I think I pretty much can say he's done it in four days. He even told us last night he needed to go! He truly has AMAZED me! He has grown up so much in just the last month. He says so many words, counts, knows his colors and can run... I can't believe he's almost two which means I don't have a baby anymore. I have a toddler! It's just AMAZING how time just flies by! Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!

In he's picture he's saying he's SO BIG! It's something cute we have done with all the boys since they were babies. You just ask them how big and they throw their arms in the air and say SO BIG! It's pretty cute, makes you laugh and smile every time. Even when it's like the 15th time in ten mins! LOL

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cure for Ear infections!

So the last of the sickness ended with Kaitin getting a ear infection. We were hoping his body would fight it. When I was talking to my mom one day and told her he had the infection she goes "ah poor thing, did you take him to the doctor did you get antibiotics for it" My answer, do I ever take them to the doctor do I ever give them antibiotics "NO" But after about three days his ear was still hurting. So I was like I gotta do something! First we I went to the health food store and got colloidal silver. Started with a drop in the ear and a teaspoon oral. Seems it was helping but was still pretty painful. So I read that Lemon juice helps by stopping the bacteria from growing and ease the pain. Guess What, completely gone! Yippy! It's so nice to know there's other ways to treat things then just by running to doctor for antibiotics. We are finally all better and back to 100% YAY! More sleep for mommy! LOL!

Silly Faces!

Aren't they the cutest silly faces ever...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hope all you mommy's had as good as Mother's Day as I did. I am so Blessed to be a MOM to my three Amazing boys and to have an my GREAT husband by my side.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Greens for LIFE!

So we started drinking our greens again. We used to do them everyday but I just got lazy and stopped. But with all this sickness going threw us I'm hoping to stop it and prevent anymore by starting our greens again. Even though their pretty gross to most people, my boys LOVE them. They want them more than once a day! They aren't bad for me this time around also! Hopefully we'll all be a 110% again soon! I pray! Hope you all have a GREAT amazing weekend and Happy Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just for Cuteness!

We had another weekend of sickness. I don't know what's up with all this sickness but I am so tired of it and ready for all of us to be well again. Maybe our bodies are just as much sick of living in modesto as we are. LOL! Good NEWS though, with Prayer that everything works out and follows threw like it should. We will be moving to Denver soon! Grant has a really promising job working out right now. We're very very EXCITED and can't wait to move and be close to family :)

Here's some cute pictures of the boys just hanging out at home for the weekend. Considering they've been in the house alot lately they have been pretty darn good! They just about have all of the Lighting McQueen cars. They LOVE that movie and the cars have keep them very entertained for weeks now. Although we do have some fights over cars here and there. LOL! Enjoy!

Doesn't he look so BIG in this picture!

My blue eyed blonde boy!


He LOVES wearing this helmet all the time!

This is Video is alittle past due. But Kaitin got sick again on Thursday and wasn't better till Saturday and then whatever Grant and the boys all had a few weeks ago finally caught up with me. So I'm still not feeling well and then Koen came down with whatever Kaitin had so we've all been fighting some nasty sickness. I PRAY were all better really soon! In this video I was trying to get Gavin saying water. (It is so darn cute how he says it) But you have to listen really close to hear it. He had already said it 10 times before I started the video so he wasn't down for saying it anymore. Kaitin and Koen weren't to pleased that we were going home. They wanted to live in the Hotel forever! I would to if I could. Can't beat clean sheets everyday and everything else! :)