Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Our afternoon rain storms are starting. Which I so LOVE! Around 3:30-4:00 we get some dark storm clouds and then rain and sometimes lighting and thunder. With the sun still shining. It only rains about 30-45mins then stop and then we get these great rainbows and fresh air. I love the smell of rain and Love Colorado weather! Were all looking forward to spending a summer here!

There's was three rainbows total yesterday!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Today was a really cold day so we decided to meet some friends for some swimming!

Gavin enjoys these fountains but...

Spent most of his time doing this! Guess everyone of them are going to have to go through the scared of the water stage. Koen did it last year and Kaitin the year before all at the same age. Weird if you ask me!

Kaitin is my little fish!

His poor goggles cut into his face so bad, guess it's back to target to see if I can find a better pair.

Some of the friends we met up with!

Monday, April 12, 2010


What a bubble bath! Koen kinda missed out on the fun as he had already gotten out before Gavin dumped the whole bottle of shampoo in the tub! Koen thought it was pretty hilarious to watch though, I'll have to get the video up loaded at some point. I think we need to get a tub with jets so my boys can have bubble baths like this more often.


Sleeping Boy

Gavin, this is kid is let me tell you so much fun! Even though he can be my most challenging child with his strong will. He's also my most Lovable one. He thinks he's as BIG as his brothers and always try to do it better. He's really started talking lately in sentence and down right conversation. He also loves to copy everything somebody says from "Kaitin I told you not to do that and now your trouble", to "don't hit the table or mommy be very mad at you". All in his own little voice. Let me tell you I LOVE this boy and so very glad God knew better than me and gave him to me. It really is GREAT having three boys! They really love each other and really never want to be apart and when they start playing something they can play for hours doing just that one thing. What can I say I'm one Blessed Mama!

Thought about it but then....

Decided this was much better!

Kaitin and Koen thought daddy need some sand in his hair while he was sleeping!

Lovin it

I'm going to do a post of my favorite shots for each boy! As there's so many! So here is Koen! I've said this a million times already and I'm going to say it again but you can truly tell that Koen doesn't take life for granted anymore and really really enjoys anything and everything. He's a very happy kid anymore with very few dislikes or meltdowns.


Sorry I didn't post yesterday about another day in Florida. Honestly it's almost tiring just doing all the post of our trip because there is so many. But alot of it has to do with the fact that I spend from 8:30-5:30 in Aurora from taking Koen in for his three month check up. But anyways, on Monday April 12th we were all amusement parked out, so we decided to go to the beach. Which we think was a GREAT call, Koen and Kaitin both had a blast. Not so much Gavin as for some reason he wasn't feeling well and spent most of his time asleep on beach. (Which what's better than sleeping on the beach) and mommy got some sun. It's was a great relaxing day.

First we grab some breakfast at the ice cream shop and then got to meet Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Magic Kingdom

This was one of their favorite rides!

Fun ride, But Kaitin didn't think so!

Animal Kingdom

So on Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom, I have to say we weren't very impressed. I don't know if was cause of what they called a petting zoo or because my boys weren't to interested. So in the afternoon we headed back to Magic Kingdom where it made the day so much better. The boys wanted to go here in the first place but we thought we should at least check out animal kingdom. Guess we should have listen to them in the beginning.

This was the only about petting they did, a "RAT" and a nasty goat that was even roped in!

This was another ride that was one of Kaitin's favorites! Poor Gavin was yet again to short for it though!