Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2011"

Christmas Eve Pj's

Going to miss have this big of tree next year, do to moving! :(

Moving means the boys get the Christmas present they really really wanted though, Rockie the elf had to stick around one more night to inform the boys the puppy was coming just a month later.

Christmas was GREAT! We love having traditions with our boys that are old and new. We like to just spend Christmas at home with just the three of them instead of spending it with any crazy family. Yes I said crazy! I love them all but love my little family of 5 is better and love every minute I spend with them.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


What else are Birthday's for than to Celebrate that person and let them know how spoiled you are for having them in your lives. Since Kaitin's Birthday is 3 days before Christmas it never works to have his party on the day of his actually Birthday. So this year he had three special days! One in his class at school, a friend party. Then his actually Birthday we went to Donuts with Daddy before he headed to work, went to Toys R Us for him to use his gift care and finally spent a couple hours at pump it up.

Koen's pretty fond of Little Miss Morgan!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick Trip

I made a quick trip to my sister's to deliver my nieces Christmas gift to them from all of us. Since we had their names and weren't going to see them till after Christmas I wanted to make sure they had it before. Since I don't have any girls as we all know and my sister has the 4 girls. They help me out with my girl fix, so Auntie Lindsay enjoyed finding this AWESOME Pottery Barn Doll house for them brand new at half the price on craigslist. They LOVED it!

The boys really love their little but growing cousin Kenzie!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ginger Bread House!

I can't wait for when doing the houses consist of the boys putting the house together by themselves then me putting it together. They doing enjoy eating while I work though.

See what i mean, poor tree!

Not Far Behind!

Koen and Gavin don't let Kaitin get far ahead! Since he got a new bigger bike and felt like big stuff. Koen and Gavin decided they would show him and learn how to ride their bikes with out training wheels earlier then he did. Koen is two months from his 5th Birthday and Gavin is 3yrs 4 1/2 months. This makes me so proud!

Stay tuned for videos...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kaitin Turns 6, Wow!

Kaitin's such a GOOD boy, I wanted to give him a AWESOME Birthday party! So I heard through a friend the Castle Rock Fire Department will send a crew of firemen to your party and let the kids explore the fire truck. They even let them get the hose out and spray water. Sadly we didn't get to do this because it was the middle of December. But none of the kids seem to mind, Kaitin was in Heaven, I let the pictures tell the rest!

Learn and try on the equipment!

Take a turn driving...

And blow the horn, our neighbors loved us for this!

Super yummy cake, oreo cake with oreo filling even!

Morgan help him out keeping his eyes closed for the last present, a NEW BIKE! He was trilled!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This day we went and found a perfect Christmas tree. We LOVE this tradition we are creating with our boys. It's a blast to go on a hunt of a tree and cutting your own down. We always have some laughter in there too, like because Grant was driving to fast in my opinion on the road up the mountain we passed our turn of where we wanted to look. Made it to this other road, that was totally a off riding road. Lets just say I'm surprised my car came out of it with no damage. But it was fun and then we finally found the picture one.

They got their fire safety tips from Smokey before we headed up in the hunt of a perfect tree

Then posed for a picture...

and then they were off!

Our tree in it's natural standing

They all took a wack at it...

Grant measuring out the length, we had to cut off 8ft of the tree and our tree is still 14ft tall