Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Camping Trip Of The Year

We finally made it out for our first camping trip this year. Our boys really enjoy camping and we are hoping to get out more and more as they get older. But we didn't plan on getting sick the whole week before camping either so we were lucky to make it this weekend. Gavin came down with the 24hr stomach flu on the Tuesday before, I came down with it on Wednesday, Grant on Thursday, Koen on Friday. Thank goodness Kaitin never got it. So by saturday afternoon we felt well enough to get the car packed up and head out. So glad we suffered through some tiredness and not being 100% and made it out for a couple nights.

We went with our friends Melissa and James. They took us to one of their favorite spot and now it's become one of favorite too. It's pretty much in our back yard but still takes about 45 mins to get to it as your having to drive on mountain roads. Which is fun because that's a adventure in it's self.

See why they have a BLAST camping!

Gotcha, Gavin on the crapper! LOL

There was a huge tree trunk that went across over the creek, it was one of their favorite things!

Another fav was putting things in to watch them go under the bridge!

Making one of our favorite camping foods, bacon flavored potato chips!

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