Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Last year we watched the town fireworks just from our neighborhood. As they were good because you could see them you didn't get the sound affects from them. So this year we decided to get closer. They light them in one of town ball parks so we sat in the one right next to the one they light them in. It was much better this way! The boys enjoyed hearing them as did we.

Enjoying Daddy's love!

It was pretty darn fun this Fourth of July with three very active little boys! My future looks pretty scary! As this year they were lighting their own fireworks with no help and even worse Daddy taught them how light in hand and throw. I have to say they done really good and it didn't really scare me as they never came close to having one blow up in their hand. But considering their 6, 5 and almost 4 and doing this already is the scary thing. None the less it was fun to see their smiling faces and hear their giggles!

They did have very serious face when they were lighting and throwing them!

Little Miss Kali had to be right there hanging out with us. She felt she was apart of it by chewing on one of the burnt fireworks!

See what I mean!

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