Sunday, July 3, 2011

What An Adventure!

While camping we had quite the adventure! It was a little scary at times but a BLAST and in the end I can't wait to do it again. Just in a different car. LOL On Sunday of camping we set out for a hike/little drive in search of a waterfall. Well it ended up more like a off road drive in our SUV's. I was more scared something very bad was going to happen to my car than that one of us were going to get hurt. But poor Melissa (were blaming it on just having a baby hormones) was in tears at the end before heading back up the road from the river. That's right we found a river! It was Gorgeous! Also so many laughs and memories! next time we're finding the waterfall though!

Kali is such a funny dog! She loved swimming!

The only horrible part of the day was Gavin got a ear ache. But this meant all the kids got rides back up to the car, there came two points on the road that we all decided it would just be safer to get out and walk down from there since we could see the river!

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