Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girls Girls Girls

Since it was such a "BUSY" week I didn't get a whole lot of pictures. So I'm just going to do a one post for the whole week. My sister Sara had a midwife conference in the springs so I watched Ellie, Adri and Kalia from Tuesday-Friday. Six kids was busy and tiring but we had a "BLAST" and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. They got here on Tuesday afternoon so we just watched movie, played and relaxed. Wednesday we went to the Summer $1 movie, then headed to the pool after, came home relaxed, then headed to the boys favorite park that is three stories for dinner and play. Thursday we meet our friends Melissa, Tyler & Morgan at this AWESOME park that has fountains, and a small creek for the kids to play in. What a BLAST it was, I made sure and took pictures this day. Then Friday we manage to fit the pool in again on Friday before Sara picked the girls up. See what I mean by "BUSY" Love my girls though!

Auntie Brenna was a GREAT help over those days!

Little Miss Kalia is just a doll! I brought these crocs for her so I gave them to her when she got here and she didn't want to take them off the whole time she was here.

In this picture it was so cute, she looked me and said with a very serious attitude "me have to nurse my baby"

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